Social service … Social work …


Baksos -> Social service is a form of humanitarian activities that provide various forms of assistance to people in need (UB SMAN2 Kediri)
Baksos -> social service or baksos is an effort so that we can help our neighbors in the community. or Apply the knowledge gained to the community for their benefit (

For example: each company or agency has an obligation to perform service to the community as a form of devotion for the results achieved by them during this

Bhakti Sosial -> A direct or indirect activity that can benefit, contribution and dedication to others as a form of self-actualization, knowledge sharing to obtain a benefit from that activity [by me]

This activity can be performed periodically or occasionally by involving several people or individuals. Just as a crime that would cause discomfort or resistance effect, good effect is not necessarily good also … goodness sometimes cause a different result than usual, either because of deliberate or different effects for the recipient

Anybody want to add meaning suggestions? … I like it when you add it too


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